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Discover the unique capabilities of SCADA Pro for 2 whole months for FREE! Keep in mind that the application is fully functional, with the exception of the ability to print.

Installation Instructions

Select the installation language.

Run the implementation of an automatic driver who will help you proceed with the installation program

SCADA Manuals

The manuals, along with all the training material of SCADA Pro,

aim solely to act as a guide for the proper use of the application. 


The manuals are

to lead the consultant engineer through his first steps in to SCADA Pro new environment.

Verification - FAQs - Modules

Verification Manuals - FAQS - New Modules SCADA Pro 17

Verification Manuals I

A series of structures that have been analysed, using the SCADA Pro program. The purpose of these analyses is to demonstrate its adequacy and accuracy in all studied cases.

Verification Manuals II

These two publications – manuals, present a series of structures that have been analysed, using the SCADA Pro program.


Details regarding both the proper functioning of the program, the implementation of regulations and the appearance of the results in SCADA Pro.

New Modules 17

2-way communication between SCADA Pro® & SAP2000 & ΕTABS, SCADA Pro® Flat Slab, ACEOCP, SBC in SCADA Pro®  and much more.

Brochure - Videos - Presentation


A new era in the analysis and the design of structures. New standards in structural design software…


  • New advanced Scada Pro
  • Steel Constructions
  • Masonry


Technical specifications, integrated interface, multilingual environment, detailing output…

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