Cold Formed Design

Detailed Description

The additional tool (add-on) Cold-Formed refers to the design of thin-wall cold-formed steel structures created according to EC3 and the national annexes. In the designing procedure all types of structural elements are included, not only the simplified method of chapter 10 for the pulrins.

It also includes, extended library of sections and materials, the bill of materials as well as, the production of the full report of the project.

Prerequisites: SCADA Pro Steel

Design – EC3 part 1-3

Design of steel structures and their connections according to EC3.

SCADA Pro performs all the checks referred in EC3-1-3 for the design of cold-formed steel structures. Different types of steel structures may be modelled such as industrial structures, canopies etc.

The ideal cross-section with the influence of rounded corner taken into account is computed as well as the effective cross-section under Axial/Bending load (EN1993-1-3 & EN1993-1-5).

Cross-section resistance checks are performed:

  • Tension
  • Compression
  • Bending
  • Shear
  • Torsion
  • Bending and tension
  • Bending and compression
  • Bending, axial force and shear

Members resistance checks are performed:

  • Flexural buckling under axial load
  • Torsional buckling under axial load
  • Torsional-Flexural buckling under axial load
  • Torsional-Flexural buckling under bending load
  • Combined buckling and compression
  • Combined buckling and tension

Serviceability checks are performed:

  • Columns deflection
  • Beams deflection

The critical length can be computed automatically or can be defined by the user in terms of actual values or coefficients.

Bill of materials

Accurate estimation of the bill of materials.

SCADA Pro produces the quantities of all the materials of a project in a well-organized tabular form.

For steel structures, the bill of materials is available per floor, per member’s section or per type of structural member (columns, beams, girders, purlins, bracing etc.).

Report of the project

User friendly interface for the creation and editing of the report.

In SCADA Pro the user simply selects the sections to be included in the report of the project.

Simple tools allow the user to edit the report header and footer position chapters and create automatically the table of contents.

The report may be previewed before the user can save it for further editing in one of the following file formats: rtf, pdf, html, pptx, xlsx.

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