Saudi Building Code (SBC) is a set of legal, technical and administrative regulations and requirement.

Brief Description

Saudi Building Code (SBC) is a set of legal, technical and administrative regulations and requirements that specify the minimum standards of buildings’ construction in order to ensure public health and safety. The code takes into consideration the cultural and social environment, the climatic and natural conditions, as well as the soil types and materials’ properties in the Kingdom.

In the latest version of Scada Pro 16 the SBC Parts 301, 303, 304 and 306 have been fully implemented.

1. 301 Structural – Loading and Forces

  • Load Requirements
    • SBC provides the minimum load requirements for the design of buildings and other structures. The loads and the appropriate load combinations are created simultaneously and automatically from the program.
  • Wind Loads Design
    • Both Methods, Simplified and Analytical, are included. A large set of tools guide the user in selecting correctly the various parameters.

    • The software calculates automatically all the necessary values and carries out all the checks.  The input parameters and the results are presented in detail.

  • Seismic Design Criteria

Four Analyses Procedures (Index Force, Simplified, Static and Dynamic Analysis) are included.

The Seismic Ground motion values (Ground Motion Acceleration, Site coefficients etc.) are defined automatically according to the Country Regions.

The automatic calculation also applies for the Design Response Spectrum and the structural Plan and Vertical irregularities as well.

2. 303 Structural – Soil and Foundations

  • Design of Footings

All the required checks according to the Section 5.4 are performed.

  • Contact Pressure over total base area Calculation.

3. 304 Structural – Concrete Structures

All the required checks are performed automatically for the following cases:

  1. Flexure and Axial Loads, Magnified Moments for Sway and Non-Sway Frames
  2. Shear and Torsion
  3. Special Provisions for Seismic Design has also been implemented

4. 306 Structural – Steel Structures

  1. Net and Gross Area Calculation. Effective Area of Tension members
  2. Classification of Steel Sections
  3. Tension Members check
  4. Column and other Compression Members Design and checks
  5. Flexural-Torsional Buckling check
  6. Flexural members check
  7. Design of members under Shear
  8. Design of members under Combined Forces and Torsion
  9. Complete library of all the types of steel connections
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