SCADA Pro® Flat Slab

An advanced finite element solution

Brief Description

SCADA Pro Flat Slab module for analysis and design is an advanced finite element solution that can operate independently or fully integrated with SCADA Pro Structural Analysis and Design software.

Key Features

  • Generates a true 3D model of an entire concrete building – detailed FEM analysis
  • Supports import and export of various file and model formats (DWG/DXF file, ETABS/SAP2000 model, IFC file)
  • Generates buildings with complex details such as elevated floors and foundations containing different slab regions, walls, beams, columns, drop panels and openings
  • Easy to draw support lines anywhere on slab – even for complex geometries
  • Automatically accounts for all critical design sections – different approach between column/middle strips
  • Graphical display of total bending moment diagram for a design strip
  • Performs code check and reports the location and amount of reinforcement needed for concrete design codes (Eurocode 2 and Saudi Building Code)
  • Automatic generation of code based load combinations as well as user specified combinations
  • Tabular and graphical display of design results
  • Rebar calculations for any slab – Automatic enveloping and rebar detailing – DWG/DXF export
  • Calculates and checks punching shear stresses and designs shear stud or stirrup reinforcing

Special Features of Flat Slab Flexural Analysis and Design

  • Self-weight of slabs is automatically calculated and may be optionally excluded in the analysis
  • Special code considerations are taken into account:
    1. How drop panels affect column strip width
    2. Reinforcement concentration over a column
    3. Difference in concentration width of side/corner columns to internal columns
    4. Limitation of upper reinforcement over a side/corner column – simultaneous increase of span reinforcement
    5. Strip width calculation for support lines even at the edge of a slab
  • Allows user to modify typical top and bottom reinforcement mesh and rebar

Special Features of Punching Shear Design

  • Automatic computation of all the parameters important for the punching shear checks:
    1. type of column (i.e. internal column, side column, corner column or reentrant column)
    2. loading data of the most severe loading case and combination
    3. correct side of the slab concerning longitudinal reinforcement and slab cover (e.g. different choice for a floor slab vs. a foundation slab)
    4. an equivalent rectangular shape for columns of arbitrary section shape
  • User freedom to choose different values for all the parameters incorporated in the design – providing unlimited capabilities
  • Two types of reinforcement arrangement compatible to the code proposed ones (radial arrangement vs. cruciform arrangement)
  • Easy to interpret tabular format of results – fully compliant to the code regulations
  • Graphical visualization of the rebar arrangement – can be interpreted both in stirrups or stud rails use
  • Available for both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows
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