2-way communication SCADA Pro with SAP2000 & ETABS

Brief Description

The new bi-directional communication of SAP2000 and ETABS with SCADA Pro, allows export and import of any project in SCADA Pro and SAP2000/ETABS, respectively.
The main advantage of the two-way communication module is the structural design of projects of reinforced concrete, structural steel, masonry and wood developed in SAP2000/ETABS, by applying Eurocodes with National Annexes and Saoudi Building Code (SBC) that are supported in SCADA Pro.
This procedure gives the capability, using analysis results derived from analysis performed in SAP2000 or ETABS, as input for the design of the structure according to Eurocodes and SBC, something that is absolutely limited in SAP2000 or ETABS.

The two-way communication module supports:

  1. All types of materials, i.e. reinforced concrete, structural steel, masonry, wood
  2. Frame and surface elements
  3. Standard cross-sections, Sections Designer cross-sections, Libraries of standard steel sections.
  4. Rigid offsets and insertion points
  5. Multiple types of point, frame and shell loads and load patterns (e.g. quake/seismic load pattern, wind loads, snow loads)
  6. 6. Point and line springs for the simulation of the soil-structure interaction.
  7. Analysis results (e.g. Static analysis, Response spectrum analysis) derived from SAP2000/ETABS can be imported in SCADA Pro and the corresponding P-M-V diagrams or the deformed shape to be displayed.

In SCADA Pro there are the following advanced features additional to those in SAP2000 and ETABS:

  1. Automatic slab recognition, loads import and design and detailing of reinforcement, which cannot be done in SAP2000.
  2. Design of a structure based on multiple design code provisions (i.e., EC2, EC3, EC5, EC6, EC8(3), SBC) by applying the analysis results derived from SAP2000 and ETABS.
  3. Design checks that cannot be performed in SAP2000 or ETABS (e.g. Punching shear check, design checks of bearing masonry structures, timber connections).
  4. Take advantage of the advanced analysis types that SAP2000 and ETABS support.
  5. Using the editors of steel reinforcement in SCADA Pro for detailed modification of rebars.
  6. Creating structural drawings and detailing designs, that can be modified, continuity of beams and columns and complete print out results of the project.
  7. Report in any regional language (e.g. English, German, Italian, Polish, Turkish)
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