SCADA Pro Timber

Analysis and design of wooden structures and connections.

Detailed Description

The additional tool (add-on) about the design of Timber structures includes the design of the timber structures according to EC5.

It also includes the production of the full report of the project.


SCADA Pro Analysis

Structures Design (EC5)

Import, analysis and design of timber structures according to EC5

Import, analysis and design of timber structures according to EC5.

A rich library of typical sections is provided.

Analysis types include: Elastic analysis (linear material simulation), linear elastic analysis with limited redistribution, influence of the connections’ deformations.

All required design checks are performed:

Design of a cross-section for the ultimate limit state

Design checks of a cross section under tension/compression parallel/vertical to the fibers, bending/shear/torsion resistance check, check of a cross section under combined stress (compressive stresses inclined to the fiber, combined bending and axial tension/compression).

Design of a structural member for the ultimate limit state (member stability)

Column design check in compression or under combined compression and bending (compression buckling), beam design check in bending or in combination of bending and compression (lateral-torsional buckling).

Design for the serviceability limit state

Deflection and vibration control.

Fire resistance check

Design of timber members’ connections (EC5)

Connections with steel dowel-type fasteners (nails, bolts, screws, dowels and U-shape nails), connections with punched metal plates and connections with shear plate connectors.


Design of timber connections

  • Connections with metal dowel type fasteners (nails, bolts, screws, dowels, staples).

In the connections with metal fasteners can be designed so the single shear connections as the multi shear connections, where the joint structural members can be:

  • Timber element with timber element,
  • Timber element with panel, or
  • Timber element with steel plate (Design check of the steel plate according to the ΕΝ 1993-1-1 and ΕΝ 1993-1-8 regulations).

The design load types of the timber connection that can be simulated are:

  • Vertical load on the web of the connection,
  • Axial load along the web of the connection,
  • Combination of the vertical and axial load .

It is also implemented the simulation of the vertical load applied on the connection with eccentricity (moment connection).

All EC5 provisions about the critical distances between the fasteners and the fasteners from the side of the timber element are taken into consideration in Scada Pro.

  • Connections made with punched metal plate fasteners
  • Connections made with shear plate connectors

Report of the project

User friendly interface for the creation and editing of the report

In SCADA Pro the user simply selects the sections to be included in the report of the project.

Simple tools allow the user to edit the report header and footer position chapters and create automatically the table of contents.

The report may be previewed before the user can save it for further editing in one of the following file formats: RTF, PDF, HTML, PPTX, XLSX.