SCADA Pro Concrete

Analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures.

Detailed Description

The additional (add-on) tool about the design of reinforced concrete buildings includes the design of reinforced concrete buildings according to EC2 and Greek Design Code regulations.

It also includes the generation of construction drawings, formworks, steel reinforcement detailing and the bill of materials, as well as, the production of the full report of the project.


Scada Pro Analysis


Reinforced Concrete Structures (EC2)

Automatic design of the structure with a single command. The user has, only to select the appropriate Design Code.

The design of the reinforced concrete cross-sections is performed through a step-by-step standard procedure.

First, the design code and the load combinations are selected.

Then, the design check parameters and the preferences of the steel reinforcement are defined per structural element.

Subsequently, the structural members are designed according to the selected Design Code per structural element type, sequentially (beams, columns, foundation elements, slabs). The corresponding results are summarized and displayed efficiently.

There is also the option available for an analytical presentation of the results, where all parameters taken into account in the structural design are displayed, in order for the user to validate the accuracy of the results.

Powerful editors to customize the steel reinforcement according to the user’s needs.

SCADA Pro features innovative editors, where the geometry of the cross-section and the layout of the steel reinforcement are graphically illustrated in two and three dimensions.

Also, the interaction surface M-N of the ultimate uniaxial/biaxial bending moment resistance M and the axial force N are computed. The interaction diagrams are presented in three-dimensional colored view.

The user can get the moment resistance values for any value of the axial force N. The user can also modify the steel reinforcement values as needed in real time and view those changes graphically.

Of course after each change on the steel reinforcement values, a recheck of the cross-section’s resistance is performed and the M – N interaction diagrams are recalculated.

Creation of structural drawings – Layout and detailing of reinforcement (EC2)

Powerful editor for the automatic creation of structural drawings

SCADA Pro provides a modern stand-alone editor for the creation of structural drawings.

A rich toolbox is offered, that contains ready-to-use symbols, annotations and sketching details, as well as special commands.

Any edit is incorporated, real time, in the drawings, including automatic re-check of the section takes place.

After that, the reinforcement is updated in the editing environment.

The layout of the beams’ reinforcement may be automatically derived with the respective bending moment diagrams.

The layout of a column’s reinforcement may be derived either for a certain level or for its whole height.

The structural drawings may be exported in a .dwg or a .dxf file type.

Bill of materials

Accurate estimation of the bill of materials

SCADA Pro produces the quantities of all the materials of a project in a well-organized tabular form.

For the concrete, the quantities are presented per type of structural member (beams, columns etc.), per level or for the entire structure.

For the reinforcement, the quantities are presented per type of structural member, per each member or per bar diameter.

This grouping is available for each floor or for the entire structure.

Similarly, for steel structures, the bill of materials is available per floor, per member’s section.

Report of the project

User friendly interface for the creation and editing of the report

In SCADA Pro the user simply selects the sections to be included in the report of the project.

Simple tools allow the user to edit the report header and footer position chapters and create automatically the table of contents.

Beams’ results also include envelope diagrams of internal forces.

The report may be previewed before the user can save it for further editing in one of the following file formats: RTF, PDF, HTML, PPTX, XLSX.

The results of both the assessment – redesign of the reinforced concrete structures as well as the design of loadbearing masonry structures are also presented in a well-organized, format.

Accompanying drawings and other details are also available and included for better reporting.