SCADA Pro Masonry

Analysis and design of masonry constructions.

Brief Description

The additional tool (add-on) about the design of masonry structures includes the design of the masonry structures according to EC6.

It also includes the production of the full report of the project and the design provisions and checks of EC8, Part3 for the assessment of existing buildings.


SCADA Pro Analysis


Masonry structures (EC6)

  • Simulation of masonry structures with 3d finite surface elements.
  • Automatic generation of three-dimensional structural model from a simple outline plan. Parametric definition of wall openings.
  • Rich library of stonemasonry and mortars including the ability for the user to enter custom wall specifications.
  • Ability of simulation and confined masonry combined with finite surface and linear elements.
  • Design and carry out all the checks provided by the EC6:
  • Check in plane bending, checkout of plane bending parallel to the horizontal joint, check out of plane bending perpendicular to the horizontal joint, shear verification, testing to vertical loads on the top, middle, and bottom of the wall.

Assessment – Redesign (EC8, Part 3)

The checks of the piers and the spandrels are applied automatically

  • All design checks are considered according to EC8, Part 3, about the assessment and the redesign of the existing bearing masonry structures. The checks of the piers and the spandrels are applied automatically.
  • Reinforcement of masonry by applying single or double leaf reinforced concrete jacket with increase of the corresponding compressive or shear strength of the structural element.

Report of the project

Automatic creation of the report, based on relevant regulations

  • User friendly interface for the creation and editing of the report. Selection of the chapters to be included in the report.
  • Automatic creation of the report, based on relevant regulations.
  • Many capabilities in editing the report: header and footer tools, chapter positioning, table of contents etc.
  • Use of a stand-alone user interface for the preview of the report. Export in one of the following file formats: RTF, PDF, HTML, PPRT, XLSX.
  • Well organized, tabulated results of both the design of loadbearing masonry structures. Accompanying drawings and other details for better comprehension.